About the Rating

Young Brooks shares a memorable moment with his father, Richard.
Brooks on the floor of the Oklahoma State Capitol.
Brooks and Leslie move forward - without their parents.
Heaven's Rain - a tribute to Richard and Marilyn Douglass.


1) Why did Heaven's Rain receive a PG-13 rating?
The Classification and Rating Administration (CARA), which assigns ratings to theatrical films that request it, gave Heaven's Rain a PG-13 rating "for some disturbing violent content."

2) Why does Heaven's Rain have that content?
Heaven's Rain shows, through flashbacks, the example of faith and sacrificial love that Richard and Marilyn Douglass set for their children, Brooks and Leslie. It shows how Brooks, through many hardships, ultimately came to claim the legacy of his parents and find peace through forgiveness. Between these shining moments, a senseless, violent tragedy took the lives of Richard and Marilyn Douglass and gravely wounded Brooks and Leslie. The cost and meaning of Brooks' decision to forgive requires an adequate grasp of that tragedy. While the violent act in this story is handled delicately and respectfully, it's essential to the true story.

3) What does a PG-13 rating mean?
The "PG-13" stands for "Parents Strongly Cautioned.” CARA's guidelines suggest that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

4) Is Heaven's Rain suitable for young children?
The message of Heaven's Rain is suitable for everyone: forgiveness can bring peace even through the darkest circumstances. The movie, however, is an honest portrayal of actual events and is very likely too intense for children.

5) What are others saying about the movie content?
"The film 'Heaven's Rain' is a well made film presenting the challenges faced by the family in carefully thought-through ways. The film is not given to sensationalism. I have seen the film and can understand why Brooks chose to keep the scene [where the character portraying Leslie responds to an interviewer. Her comments, although not graphic, depict the trauma she experienced] in the film."
- Dale Griffin, Dean of Spiritual Life, Oklahoma Baptist University

"The film is never exploitive in its handling of the brutal incident. The act is discreetly represented, grieving the viewer with the pictorial thought that people can be so demonic, but then focuses on the living victims as they cope with the memories of that fateful night."
- Phil Boatright, Movie Reviewer, Baptist Press, Sept. 29, 2010

"I wouldn't hesitate to watch this film with my family. This could really be a positive formative experience... for just about anyone."
- Greg Wright, Movie Reviewer,, March 6, 2011

6) Who gives ratings to movies?
The movie rating system was created in 1968 by the Motion Picture Association of America and is voluntary. If film producers wish a film to be rated, they submit it to the Ratings Board of the Classification and Rating Administration, which acts independently of the MPAA. For more information about CARA or the Heaven's Rain rating, please the CARA web site at and type "Heaven's Rain" in the box titled "Type Name of Film Here."