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Attorney General Holder Recognizes Brooks Douglass for the Ronald Wilson Reagan Public Policy Award

Attorney General Holder Recognizes Brooks Douglass for the Ronald Wilson Reagan Public Policy Award [read more]

‘Heaven's Rain' filmmaker says he is grateful he forgave triggerman

The former state senator got a phone call Easter Sunday telling him that Glen Burton Ake, one of the two men convicted of killing his parents, had died April 23 at a prison hospital.[read more]

Filmmaker discusses faith, forgiveness on 'The View'

"They are intertwined I think," Brooks Douglass, producer and co-writer of Heaven's Rain responded when asked the question on ABC's The View...[read more]

★★★★★ Heaven's Rain Is a Personal Nightmare and Beautiful Art

Movie Review by Greg Wright… [read more]

Brooks Douglass Examines His Family's Tragedy Through Film…

The former Oklahoma Senator has released a film about the tragedy that marked his early life… [read more.]

Manning tackles tough role in truth-based 'Rain’

The tale of murder and justice delayed was a horrific, emotional nightmare, but the fact it was true made it even more profound for actress Taryn Manning…. [read more.]

★★★★ Heaven's Rain Receives Four Stars from the Oklahoman

It took former Oklahoma Sen. Brooks Douglass a lot of fortitude and good old-fashioned grit to make the new movie "Heaven's Rain" and turn it into more than a crime story...[CLICK HERE to read more.]

Former state senator shares and bares his soul in 'Heaven’s Rain'

Former state senator shares and bares his soul in ‘Heaven’s Rain’ – by Carla Hinton, The Oklahoman, 9/14/10. [CLICK HERE to read more.]

Forgiveness Finally Comes

by Douglas Baker, Baptist Messenger, 9/14/10 [CLICK HERE to read more.]

★★★★ "Heaven's Rain is one of the best-produced and most powerful movies in a long time…. Heaven’s Rain is extremely well directed and beautifully filmed, with terrific acting and music… It is intense and asks a very deep question, 'How do we forgive the unforgivable?'."
– Dr. Ted Baehr, Movieguide
★★★★★ "Seeing films like this is what makes [movie] reviewing worthwhile."
– Greg Wright, ChristianCinema.com
★★★★ "Director Paul Brown does a superb job of providing the balance needed to make 'Heaven's Rain' a compelling yet sensitive film."
– Carla Hinton, The Oklahoman
"clearly heartfelt... the performances by Vogel and Manning are fantastic"
– Ernest Hardy, LA Weekly
"Heaven's Rain touches us, moves us, aids us. I was viewing something that had substance. It made me think – and feel."
– Phil Boatwright, The Movie Reporter
"Amazing!  Inspiring!  Mesmerizing!  The story itself is so incredible that it alone would make a terrific film.  However, the artistic manner in which it was done and the outstanding performances left me speechless!
– Kathy Selig, Ft. Wayne, IN
"It is the best movie I've ever seen!"
– Lana Meyers, Solon, OH
"I hope you realize the effect your movie has on the lives of all who see it. One cannot leave the showing the same as before it was seen. Thank you for forgiving your parents' murder and for setting the example for us."
– Darlene, Oklahoma City, OK
"Wow.  It is a very powerful story on so many levels – and gripping in the way it is edited and told.  To be honest, it took me a while to "want" to watch it.  Depending on stuff going on in my own life, I sometimes carefully screen and avoid TV shows, movies, books etc. that I anticipate might be too disturbing. This film was not that.  In fact, for me there was a sweetness to it – which may sound strange.  What stayed with me most were the family scenes and the love there.  Getting to know Brooks and his sister through the family memories made the rest of story so rich."
– Deborah, Alexandria, VA
"What an amazing man, story, message, etc… If that doesn’t reach deep down inside you; nothing can."
– Coy Donald, Plano, TX
"I know the road to forgiveness can be very long and difficult but your film lets people know that it is possible."
– Claire Manno, Long Island, NY
"It is very well done.  God has blessed this tremendously.  I cannot express how my heart is moved for this family and story.  I'm ready to go promote this Nationwide with you!!!! :–)  It is truly the best thing I have ever seen."
– Tammy Martin, Azle, TX
"Saw the movie in Oklahoma. Expected "B" quality, got double "A". Amazing story! and Movie!"
– Mylee, Oklahoma City, OK
"Amazing...that is the word!! Everyone should see it, you will be blessed!!"
– Debra Cantrell Wyatt
"I applaud you for making a movie of this nature."
– Teresa Nava–Salazar, Colleyville, TX
"Brooks' and Leslie's mom and dad lived extraordinary lives, and now their story has been told with the inevitable ending: Goodness prevails."
– Jim, Lake Arrowhead, CA
"Loved the whole experience last night and wanted to say thank you again for the opportunity to be apart of it.  God bless you and keep you as you continue to tell your story to the world!!"
– Jane Wood, Shawnee, OK


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